11 Suggestions to Get Your Computer Running Faster

Does your computer seem to be running slower lately? Does it start up slower than usual or do programs not respond as quickly? It’s like your computer is lagging behind and you wished you could just give it a jolt of caffeine to “wake up”. I am going to give you a few reasons on what’s possibly behind that sleepy computer with suggestions on simple fixes and computer help.

  1. Having too many programs open at the same time can cause your computer to run slow. Your computer’s capability to multitask is limited by the amount of RAM (Random-access memory) storage that allows it to “think”. You can clean disk to delete all those unwanted temporary files then scan your computer to see it it needs to be defragmented. This can be setup automatically to run on a schedule.
  2. You may have a sick computer such as a virus or malware that has infected it. Keep your antivirus and malware programs up- to date then set up an automatic scan so you don’t have to remember.
  3. Restart your computer because it can release memory and also allow your computer to do the updates that are needed.
  4. Low disk space can also slow down your computer. If you do not have enough storage space on your computer it will run slowly. Pictures, songs, movies, and data can eat up that storage space that is needed to run smoothly and quickly. You can install a bigger hard drive if possible. Another great option is using an external hard drive to store your data to free up space on your computers hard drive.
  5. If you feel that your computer is running slow online it could be due to your network. Too many users can make things run slow if the network cannot support it. If another user is downloading big files, playing online games, or uploading this can also slow your network down. You could upgrade your internet plan for more bandwidth. Reboot your wireless hardware, or it may be outdated.
  6. Set up your automatic scans and updates during “off” time because trying to work while antivirus, malware, and backups are running can cause issues. It will slow your computer down.
  7. Running software that doesn’t meet the hardware demands your computer can accommodate will cause the program to run slowly and improperly. Take heed on the the software requirements your software requires or you will pay the price on efficiency and usability of the program.
  8. Computer overheating? Turn off the computer and unplug it. Then vacuum the outside of the computer where dust has accumulated. DO NOT USE LIQUIDS!!!
  9. Outdated computers are considered anything over 5 years old. Think about purchasing new computers every 5 years if possible.
  10. Hardware failure can be a possible cause if you have tried all the suggestions and your computer is still running slowly. In that case, you may need to look at the cost of replacing parts or purchasing a new computer. It may be more cost effective to buy new.
  11. Lastly, call us at (214) 234-9039 if you have checked and tried everything on this list and your computer is still running slow. We will be able to give you suggestions on the best and most cost effective solution to meet your needs. Some viruses and malware needs extra attention that streamline software cannot control. We can identify hardware, software, and network issues that need IT support. We provide IT consultation and support.
lukeribbit11 Suggestions to Get Your Computer Running Faster