Working remotely is an optimal solution whether your company is working to offset your carbon footprint or operate out of the informal workspace. Whatever the environment, your company needs to strengthen security as your data assets are extended to the remote user. When utilizing public telecommunications infrastructures, such as the internet, businesses rely on Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to secure access to files and other confidential resources.

Snap IT System’s VPN solutions authenticate users and manages your infrastructure utilizing encrypted tunnels to maintain privacy whether working from home or on the road. The main goal of the VPN is to yield the same capabilities as a leased line or a remote  access server, but at a much lower cost. Our benefits include:

  • Deployment, ongoing support and maintenance
  • Thorough monitoring and management
  • The capability to access to any company resources at any time
  • Secure devices
  • Single network for businesses
  • Low cost of ownership

Our certified and experienced experts can design and implement a solution that will provide the highest levels of security to allow your employees convenient access to your information assets.

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