leafCyber attacks can infiltrate your network at any given time from any given place. Nowadays, almost anyone can cause a security breach and cripple a company’s network. Safeguarding vital company data can be tedious and costly to your bottom line, but we offer a systematic approach to managing intrinsic security needs. Snap IT System’s Network and Security services provide the first line of defense in overseeing your company’s network and information system security against attacks.

Benefits of using our managed network and security services include:

  • Comprehensive security assessment
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of your company’s system, including intrusion detection and firewalls
  • Resolution to suspicious activities
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Cost-effective security services compared to in-house solutions

Security threats have increased significantly over the past decade requiring businesses to develop network/security plans that consume a considerable amount of time that is a burden to administrators and the budget. Let our expert consultants relieve your team to focus on core competencies, while we deliver day-to-day monitoring and perform configuration changes to keep your business up-to-date.

Our portfolio of services features:

  • Daily/weekly detailed summary of security reporting and analysis
  • Managed VPN to protect proprietary data and e-mails
  • Ongoing management of firewall setting and configurations
  • Network and security management, 24/7/365

Let our network and security experts help your company avoid incidents that could jeopardize your bottom line and your reputation with our managed services.

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