managed_endpointThreats to network security and the susceptibility to cyber attacks are continually advancing as companies expand their workforce. With growing remote personnel and deployment of e-business models, data protection is crucial in preventing intrusion and theft of proprietary assets.

Our Managed Endpoint Protection and Access Controls services will initiate compliance monitoring that logs events not only for intrusion, but for change management that detects suspicious behavior to mitigate internal security risks. Our services will administer accounts and verify the identities of all users requesting access to your network, including internal and external employees and partners. We will provide centralized identity authentication and authorization to network devices, such as firewalls, routers and switches.

We offer a cost-effective, round-the-clock service monitoring your network infrastructure relieving your business of exorbitant IT expenses and security risks. Talk with one of our security experts to learn more about how we will help your business meet goals and objectives.

lukeribbitManaged Endpoint Protection & Access Controls