Microsoft Office 365Managing an on premise instance of Microsoft Exchange can entail significant up front cost in deployment.  Once it’s up, there are considerable resources required in maintenance:  licensing costs for SPAM and antivirus, backups, and optimization just to name a few.

Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange is an attractive option for many organizations.  With reasonably priced subscriptions, it’s easy to make a business case for offloading this requirement to Microsoft’s cloud—one that is fully redundant.

Obviously, it isn’t right for all firms, but for many, it makes a lot of sense.

We at SNAP understand that email is mission-critical, that’s why we methodically plan and implement a customized plan to make the transition as seamless as possible.  We’ve seen it all, regardless if you are using an existing on-premise Exchange server, a Hosted Exchange with a non-Microsoft provider, or if you are still using POP3 accounts, we understand what it takes to get your organization data efficiently on-boarded.

We make migrations to Microsoft Office 365 a SNAP!

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